10 Mind Blowing Bunkers From Around The World
There's something about old bunkers from past wars that always intrigues me.  Maybe it's the history behind them and the fact that they've survived for so many years after the wars have long been over. Or knowing that at one time they were occupied by soldiers fighting and possibly dying within the bunkers themselves.  They stand as monuments and […]

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Everything You Need To Survive When The Lights Go Out

It's a little known fact that the American and Canadian electrical grids are fickle beasts that aren't that well protected. It doesn't really matter if it's a cyber attack, a real attack, a solar flare, snowstorm or heat-wave (or even just buggy software) - there's always a risk of the power going out. If you've […]

The Best Emergency Chargers For Your Gadgets 2020

Now that Christmas is over, chances are good that you or someone you know has a shiny new electronic device. It's hard to overstate the value of a working cell phone in a survival situation. From emergency communication and geo-location to working as a flashlight or acting as electronic library for volumes of survival information. […]

The Items Every Prepper Needs in 2020

If you are new to the prepper or survivalist communities, there are a few items that you need to ensure that you will have at least the most basic provisions should a catastrophe hit. The items discussed in the article below should be procured before you even think about getting anything else since having food, […]

Prepare a Complete Bug Out Bag for Around $200

Instead of making a bug out bag checklist for yourself, it might just be easier to follow some premade instructions that tell you exactly what you should be buying to get prepared for an emergency situation. The video below will do just that, and it’s pretty exceptional given the fact that it is really cheap […]

Don’t Forget a Shovel!

Duct tape is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to a survival scenario, but something that easily competes with the tape in usefulness is a shovel. What’s great is that survival shovels take up shockingly little space and can have a surprisingly large selection of tools integrated into the shovel's design itself. Often, these additional […]

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