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Don’t Forget a Shovel!

Duct tape is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to a survival scenario, but something that easily competes with the tape in usefulness is a shovel. What’s great is that survival shovels take up shockingly little space and can have a surprisingly large selection of tools integrated into the shovel’s design itself.

Often, these additional tools include items like hammers, bottle openers, saw blades and much more, which means even more saved space as you won’t have to carry each individual item. As far as combination tools are concerned, survival shovels are easily some of the most useful on the market and every prepper should have one, especially considering you can get a decent one for less than $20.


Generic Tri-Fold Shovel

Guess what Youtube? This is a folding shovel!

Written by Christopher Koga

Christopher is an avid motorcycle rider who loves the freedom of the road. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, horseback riding and writing about doing all those things in both a recreational setting, and as a survivalist.

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