10 Mind Blowing Bunkers From Around The World
There's something about old bunkers from past wars that always intrigues me.  Maybe it's the history behind them and the fact that they've survived for so many years after the wars have long been over. Or knowing that at one time they were occupied by soldiers fighting and possibly dying within the bunkers themselves.  They stand as monuments and […]

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Weave Your Own Paracord Belt 2020

If you have already used paracord to make smaller things like survival bracelets, keychains, item wraps, holders and lanyards, you’re probably ready to move on to a paracord project that actually offers a substantially longer amount of rope when unraveled. Weaving your own paracord belt is one of the more challenging paracord projects you can […]

A Great DIY Way to Build a Water Filter

Having a good water filter or purification system is a great idea. But it can be pretty expensive to get a really good system setup in your house. This Portable Water Filtration System Was Named Time Best Invention 2005 Here's a quick way to make your own water filtration system that I found on SurvivalLife. […]

Simple Paracord Keychain Construction 2020

As you may already know, paracord as a survival tool can be used in an incredible number of ways. Not only does it offer great strength at a very light weight, the inside fibers can be stripped out and used for tasks that require more delicate line like sewing (including wounds if it really came […]

New Solar Material Could Bring Solar Energy Through Glass Windows in 2020

A new material named perovskite, which is a crystalline mineral made of calcium and titanium, might be the revolution that the solar energy needs to move to the next level. It can recycle light, it's cheap, lightweight and easy to produce. Something that may make it the worthwhile stand-in for silicon-based solar panels. It took a long 30-year […]

A Prepper’s Guide to 30 DIY Paracord Projects in 2020

As one of the most versatile tools on the planet, paracord can be used to create hundreds of incredibly useful objects. Because of this extreme utility, paracord is one of the few non-consumable items that is as necessary as water and food. It can be used to make weapons, defensive traps, item carriers, pet accessories […]

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