10 Mind Blowing Bunkers From Around The World
There's something about old bunkers from past wars that always intrigues me.  Maybe it's the history behind them and the fact that they've survived for so many years after the wars have long been over. Or knowing that at one time they were occupied by soldiers fighting and possibly dying within the bunkers themselves.  They stand as monuments and […]

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Top Homemade Catfish Bait - 12 Best Homemade Catfish Bait Recipes

I will be the first to freely admit that my fish bait knowledge starts and stops with the worms I buy at the local bait store. So when I decided that I wanted to learn more about fishing for catfish I thought I better do some research on the best homemade catfish bait recipes. catfish […]

The Next Pandemic Could Take Out An Entire Generation

Unnecessary Measures For Promoting Growth And Healthy Live Stock Could Be Putting Our Future Generations At Risk Its become a common practice in the Livestock Industry to feed antibiotics to healthy animals.  This is a preemptive measure that promotes growth and decreases the potential of the spread of disease among the animals.  This sounds like […]

Beef Jerky Recipe

A prepper comes from a need to survive. A prepper is someone who thinks that a disaster or catastrophic emergency may occur in a moments notice. Additionally, it may occur at some point during his or her lifetime. In response to this belief preppers make active preparations for the unknown. And how do they do it? By […]

Our Favorite Backpacking Sleeping Bags 2020

Over the last few years, I spent a ridiculous amount of time outdoors. My goal wasn’t only to challenge myself mentally and physically on these excursions, but to do what I could to become a real expert as far as camping products are concerned. That being said, one of the single most important things that […]

Clothing Essentials for Your Bug-Out Bag for 2020

As prepared as you might feel in your home when it comes to a catastrophic event, your bug-out bag might be a little lacking. Even if your bushcraft is at the top of its game, there is some types of clothes you need to get stuffed into you and your family’s bug-out bags before it’s […]

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