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Clothing Essentials for Your Bug-Out Bag for 2020

As prepared as you might feel in your home when it comes to a catastrophic event, your bug-out bag might be a little lacking. Even if your bushcraft is at the top of its game, there is some types of clothes you need to get stuffed into you and your family’s bug-out bags before it’s too late. These include ski masks, camouflage and headwear.


One of the great unknowns when it comes to preparing for an emergency is what time of the year it will occur. If we hunker down in order to deal with a crisis, this won’t matter as much, although we certainly hope our furnaces or air conditioners will continue working. But if we have to bug out, the particular season of the year might matter very much.

A disaster that causes us to leave our homes may result in having to spend a significant amount of time in the great outdoors until we are able to find our way to a reliable place of shelter. Depending on what part of the country in which we live and which season of the year it is, this could mean anything from sweltering heat to freezing cold. Per usual, the key is being prepared. Click Here to Read More

Written by Roger Steele

If you've read any of my articles, you probably already know that I'm a big time outdoorsman. I love fishing, surfing, hiking, hunting...basically any activity that can be done in the great outdoors. I also do freelance photography & writing. Getting paid to travel the world and write about it is about as good as it gets. Feel free to get in touch with me on any of my social media profiles.

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