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Wendy’s May Have had Data Stolen

Though the fast food chain Wendy’s isn’t really sure just how extensive the data breach is (at least that’s what they say), they’re advising customers to monitor transactions to make sure criminals aren’t abusing their cards. Along with credit card mistakes to avoid, this is yet another thing you should absolutely be aware of if you’re a fan of the square-patty burgers or dipping your fries into a Frosty.


While the investigation is in its early stages, Wendy's is not yet able to fully determine the complete impact or scope of a potential breach. Though Wendy's has not yet made an official confirmation if a breach has, in fact, occurred, the company is providing some general guidance for its customers.

“As always, in line with prudent personal financial management, we encourage our customers to be diligent in watching for unauthorized charges on their payment cards,” Wendy's stated. “Generally, individuals that report unauthorized charges in a timely manner to the bank that issued their card are not responsible for those charges.”

If and when Wendy's officially confirms a POS breach of some sort, it will join a growing list of restaurants that have reported similar incidents in recent years. Read More at eWeek

Written by Christopher Koga

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