Don't Be Left In The Dark - Why You Need an Emergency Power Generator

November 25, 2019
New York Power Outage

A fact that worries me is that in the last 10 years, power failures have become more and more common

These power failures are happening because of the self same reasons, again and again.  Extreme weather, ageing utility equipment and higher than expected demands for electricity.  Power outages are happening because of these and a myriad of other unexpected reasons.

And lets not forget how expensive they can be...

Imagine if you don't have a backup power supply and the power goes out for a day...or two days...or maybe even for three or more..

How much will it cost you to replace everything that's in your freezer or your refrigerator?

A few hundred dollars?

Maybe a thousand?

What if the power outage happens because of a storm?  Or what about a hurricane? How about an outage due to an earthquake? And what if it's down for a week or more?

Home owners and businesses alike would have to face the consequences of being without power.   You may even have to deal with flooded basements, frozen pipes, lack of running water, cold buildings and darkness.

How easy would it be trying to find the right generator to rent or buy in that sort of situation?  I'm guessing it would be pretty much impossible.  Even if you do find one, you'll no doubt end up paying a premium price.

Which is why, no matter if you are a home owner or a business owner, a backup power source is a sound investment. It would be a good "insurance policy" against loss of profits or discomfort for you or your family.

What's the Best Type of Generator?

So now you've made the decision to invest in a back up power supply, there are two main types of generators that you should consider;

A Portable Generator and a Standby Generator.

What's a Portable Generator?

Portable Generator
Westinghouse 7500 Portable Generator

A portable generator is the type that you might see being used on camp grounds or construction sites. These generators are also ideal to use for emergency purposes around the home.

Powered by diesel or gasoline you can normally move them with ease.  Some of the more powerful, bigger models may need two people to move them.

Depending on your specific power needs, this type of generator will supply enough power for several of your most important appliances in an average home such as well pump, a sump pump, a refrigerator, a deep freeze, a forced air furnace, a television and several lights.

Another plus point is that portable generators are usually cheaper.

What's a Standby Generator?

Standby Generator
Standby Generator

A standby generator is a whole other beast.  Think of it as a permanent backup for your power supply.  They are typically installed into your home or business' electrical wiring and when installed properly, the transition from grid to the backup power is almost seamless with perhaps some flickering of lights.

Powered by natural gas / bottled propane or diesel fuel, you can set these generators to come on automatically when ever there is a power failure.

Depending on your budget you can install a standby generator to power everything on your property or just the essential circuits.

Once installed, your standby generator will always be there.  It will wait, on standby waiting for when it needs to power into life to provide you and your family or your business with power.  See more Standby Generators...

Which Generator Is for Me?

Ultra portable generator
Ultra Portable Generator

When choosing your back up power source, it's important to make sure you research your choices thoroughly.

As with most things in life, generators are not created equal.

Make a list of the "must have" specifications.  Then when choosing your generator, make sure it ticks all those boxes.

It's good practice to work out which appliances you will need to power. Then make sure your that the generator can supply enough wattage for thise devices.  Bear in mind you'll need to know the wattage for start up and continued operation.  There's a great guide here to help with that.

Once you know your power needs, it'll be easy to find the right one.

Shop around and check out as many different brands and models as possible.  You don't want to regret buying the wrong unit and wasting your money.

Remember this:

Sooner or later, you and your family's safety or your business' well being will depend on the generator you choose today.

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