Living Off-The-Grid With A Tesla X Model

May 9, 2016
tesla X model

Living off-the-grid is a dream for every self-respecting home-owner let alone prepper. I mean, what's better than ditching the bills and the craziness of relying on state services when you could find ways to rely on your own efforts?

As we've already seen, a couple of unique solar powered innovations can allow you to be off-grid pretty easily. But the problem is that they would be at the mercy of the weather. So on cloudy days things would go dead.

But what if you could get around that with technology that's rechargeable?

'Technology' here meaning an electric car. One that you could drive to a recharge station every two-three days?

Let's talk about the Tesla X Model.

The average household energy consumption is around 30 kilowatt hours per day, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Assuming the person living off the grid lives a modest lifestyle — as you might if you lived away from society — a fully charged Model X could provide three full days of electricity.

One note about battery storage: Depending on how energy is put into the battery during charging, University of California San Diego Engineering professor Raymond de Callafon tells Inverse that electric vehicle battery efficiency can be 95 percent or higher, so we’re working on the idea of a truly fully-charged battery.

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The off-the-grid house would also need a power inverter. Houses use alternating current (AC) power, while electric vehicles run off of direct current (DC). Callafon suggests a 10 kW inverter though he warns, “inverters can be as expensive as batteries.”

Even if all of the above works out, a person will have to return to a charging station at least twice a week. Which is not bad at all but it causes a problem when it takes an entire night to fill up.

That’s where Callafon believes a new system should enter the equation: rechargeable battery swaps.

Something that Musk and Tesla havn't commited to but may soon be working on- we hope.

Until then- let's keep the dream.

Greener and more renewable days are coming.

Thanks to Technology.

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