10 Survival Things You Can Make With Duct Tape

1. Butterfly Strips

If you have a small laceration that you can't close with a normal band-aid, cut a few small strips of duct tape and use them to pull across the wound to help keep it closed.  Apply a small strip down the center and you have a nice butterfly bandage.

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2. A Bad Ass Spear

Tape your survival knife to a branch or limb so you can throw it at animals, fish or zombies.

duct tape spear
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3. Handcuffs

You never know when you might need to detain a prisoner in the woods.  Duct tape can make for a great set of improvised handcuffs if you're ever in a pinch.

duct tape handcuffs
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4. Repair Your Shoes or Boots

If you ever get a hole in your shoes or hiking boots while out in the wilderness, you'll need to get it fixed up fast to keep water and debris from getting to your feet.  Wrap duct tape around the damaged area several times and you're good to go.

duct tape boot repair
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5.  Splint A Broken Leg

You can easily immobilize a broken or sprained appendage by using rigid splint materials such as straight branches, a 2×4 plus some padding and, you guessed it, duct tape.

duct tape splint

6 . Prevent Windows From Shattering During Storms

You may not have a set of storm shutters to save your windows in a nasty storm, but you can place duct tape on the glass to prevent it from shattering.  This will keep the occupants safe from flying shards of glass.

duct tape on windows

7.  Reseal Food Containers

If your food storage containers are damaged or need to be sealed, apply duct tape to close them up and keep weather & critters out and your food fresh.

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8.  Sling Shot

Find a suitable piece of wood and elastic band.  Duct tape the band to the wood.  Find some rocks and you're ready to kill small varmints or defend yourself if necessary.

duct tape sling shot

9.  Makeshift Tourniquet

A tourniquet is essential to stop massive bleeding.  Make several wraps about 3-4 inches above the laceration to stop the hemorrhaging.

duct tape tourniquet

10. Fix A Leaky Tent

If you're serious about camping, your tent is going to take a beating, no matter how good the quality.  Fix those holes and leaks with some duct tape patches and you're back in the game and staying dry.   You can also repair a leaking tarp shelter with duct tape.

duct tape on tent

Tip:  There's a lot of crappy brands of duct tape out there.  When your life is on the line, make sure you have the best.  This is the only duct tape I will ever use. 


Written by Roger Steele

If you've read any of my articles, you probably already know that I'm a big time outdoorsman. I love fishing, surfing, hiking, hunting...basically any activity that can be done in the great outdoors. I also do freelance photography & writing. Getting paid to travel the world and write about it is about as good as it gets. Feel free to get in touch with me on any of my social media profiles.

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