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Video of Snowboarder in Avalanche Might Lead to Charges

After putting a video online of getting caught in an avalanche, snowboarder Christian Mares is possibly going to face criminal charges. The video itself is frightening, but that’s not stopping the ski resort Sugar Bowl in CA from pushing to have charges pressed. The Placer County sheriff handed things over to the DA to look into what possible crimes were committed.

This story is a good reminder to brush up on your extreme cold and snow survival skills – you never know what might happen out there whether you’re snowboarding, camping, hiking or doing anything else during the cold season.


Christian Michael Mares caught in avalanche 2016. Go Pro and iPhone angle

For licensing or usage please contact This is the full video of Christian getting caught in an avalanche. January 15, 2016. Check out our instagrams. @christian_michael_m @shaffe_daddy @sawyer_maho_photo @hecklermag @phunkshunwear @bringyalunch @sentshuas_clothing @norcalbataleon

Written by Rick Sunderland

Action defines a person. You are labelled by these actions. Those who witness these actions label you. Those who are around to see most of your actions have a better definition of you as a person. You are the only one around to witness all of your actions. So how do you define yourself? What if you do nothing, how then would you be labelled? With this in mind, I guess you could say that I am many things to many people. I am a Boy Scout, Father, Husband, Soldier, Clerk, Survivalist, Entrepreneur, Dork, Dweeb, and many others, but what I like most is being a writer. I love to create things that people enjoy. In the end, I hope I am labeled as an all around good guy.

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