17 Unusual Uses For Salt

December 16, 2015

We all know salt has a great many uses so here at Ready Tribe, we decided to put together a list of some of the more alternative uses of salt and we came up with this list of 17 unusual ways to use salt. If you can think of anymore after you read our list, be sure to mention them in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Increase the lifespan of brooms and brushes

If you want your new straw broom or brush to last longer and be more effective, then you should soak it in a bucket containing salt that has been mixed with hot water, leaving it for 25 to 30 minutes. Take the broom out of the salty water and leave it to dry naturally.

Remove underarm stains from clothing

If you have yellow perspiration stains under the arms of your clothing, then you can use salt to get rid of them. Just mix 4 tablespoons of salt with a liter of hot water and then use a cloth with the solution to rub stains away.

Remove greasy stains from rugs and carpet

If you happen to have a greasy stain on your carpet, then salt can really help you out. Mix up a solution combining four parts rubbing alcohol with one part salt. Rub the solution onto the greasy stain taking care to make sure that you rub in the direction of the carpet or rug’s natural nap.

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Keep your milk fresh for longer

To keep your milk fresh for longer you can add a pinch of salt into the carton of milk and it will last a few extra days. This also works great for cream as well. Don’t add too much otherwise you will alter the taste of the milk or cream!

Relieve bites and stings

Salt is an excellent way to relieve the pain that comes with a bite or sting. If you have been stung by a bee or wasp, you should wet the sting with plenty of water and then cover the affected area with a layer of salt. Salt will reduce swelling and relieve the pain quicker than if left alone.

If you have been bitten by a mosquito or some other type of insects, you can alleviate the itching by soaking the bite in salt water then applying some vegetable oil.

Whilst this is a great idea to relieve pain, you may be in a situation where you need a first aid kit. Read this post that outlines the must have items for your first aid kit.

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Get your wicker furniture looking fresh and clean

When wicker furniture is left outdoors and exposed to the elements, it can get yellow with age. If you want to make sure that your furniture looks as good as the day you bought it you should try and clean it with a reasonably stiff brush that has been dipped in a bucket of warm salty water. You should leave it to dry naturally in the sun. For best results repeat this process every year.

Check to see whether an egg is fresh

Are you worried that your eggs are no longer fresh? An excellent way to test the freshness of your eggs is to add 2 teaspoons of salt into a cup of water. If your egg sinks it is fresh, if it floats it is old. If you have more eggs then you can eat, read our post on how to freeze and preserve eggs for later use.

fresh eggs

Keep your fireplace clean

If you want the fire in your fireplace to go out more quickly, then you should throw salt onto the flames. Not only will this method of dousing a fire mean there will be less soot in your chimney as the flames will die out quicker then if left to smolder, but it will also help when it comes to sweeping up the ashes.

Freshen your breath

If you’re looking for a cheap and effective solution for a fresher breath, try mixing a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda with half a cup of water. Rinse the solution in the mouth, gargle, then spit it out. Natural fresh breath at its finest! If you are having problems with your teeth, read our article about natural remedies for toothache.

Clean up your brass and copper items

When you want to clean any brass or copper items in your home, you do not have to buy any of those expensive cleaning products from the supermarket. One of the best ways to clean them is to mix a paste that contains equal parts of flour, vinegar, and salt. You should rub this concoction into the item you wish to clean using a soft cloth and then rinse it with warm water. Finally, bring it back to its original shine with a good buff.

Remove red wine stains from the carpet

Red wine stains can be tough to remove from any sort of upholstery or carpet. The best way to do this is to try and clean the stain straight away by adding some white wine to the affected area to dilute the intense color. You will then need to scrub the area using cold water and a sponge. Once you have cleaned it as best you can, put a good layer of salt onto the area and leave it to work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes. After you’ve left it the allotted amount of time, vacuum the salt up. Hey, presto, wine stain removed!

Remove watermarks from wooden tables

Have you ever had a problem where a wet glass or cup has left a watermark on a wooden table? These marks can be very unsightly but do not fear there is an easy way to make them disappear. Mix the solution of 1 teaspoon of salt with just a few drops of water so that you make a gloopy paste. Using a soft cloth, rub the saline solution in a circular motion over the spot until it disappears. This will leave your wooden table without those ugly watermarks.

Remove nasty odours from your garbage disposal

If you have a nasty stink coming from your garbage disposal, then salt can be your saviour. Throw half a cup of salt down the hole, start the cold water and then turn your disposal unit on. The salt does an excellent job of neutralising odours and dislodging any waste that is stuck.

Remove stubborn baked-on food from pans

After you’ve cooked up a lovely meal, someone has to do the washing up. Occasionally you will come across pans that have food baked on and are tough to get clean. An easy way to solve this problem is to sprinkle the area with a generous amount of salt and dampen it. Leave it 10 to 15 minutes, giving the salt time to do is work and then simply wash the dishes and pans with hot soapy water.

Cleaning out the fridge

Cleaning the fridge can be a really annoying job so making it easier using a handful of salt mixed with a gallon of water can be great. The benefits of using salt in this situation are that it doesn’t use any chemicals and doesn’t introduce any kind of odour into your fridge. This can be significant as your food can pick up smells from within your fridge. The added bonus is that the above solution is not abrasive which means the inside of a fridge won’t get scratched making it easier to clean in the future.

 Putting out grease fires

Grease fires are the main kind of kitchen fires and shouldn’t be attempted to be extinguished using water as the water causes the grease to disperse, spreading the fire with it. The best way to extinguish the flames of a grease fire is to throw salt onto the flames. This will help extinguish the fire without the risk of spreading it. Click here for more information on fighting fires in your home.

Remove dead skin

If you want to remove dead skin from your body and help to boost your circulation, then you can give yourself a massage with dry salt straight after you get out of the bath. You can use ordinary table salt, rock salt or sea salt all too good effect.

So there you have it, 17 unusual (and some crazy!) uses for salt. Can you think of any other good ones we may have missed? Add them below in the comments!


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