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Pistol Shooting Tips

Are you having problems with your pistol shooting accuracy? Becoming a good marksman doesn't happen over night. You need to practise regularly and know what to change about your technique in order for it to improve. Luckily for you, Ready Tribe has got you covered!

We spoke to our friends over at Basic Shield and they have put together this amazing infographic that should really help to take your handgun shooting skills to the next level.

How to Shoot a Pistol

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Written by Paul Stevens

I've always been an outdoorsman. Growing up in the mountains
twenty five miles from the nearest town (of only 1000 people
even!) will do that for you.

Since moving on from my first career as a wildland firefighter,
I've run a travel adventure company, built my own home in the
wilds of North Idaho and recently taken a stab at this writing
thing. Happy to be a Ready Tribe contributor.

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