10 Mind Blowing Bunkers From Around The World
There's something about old bunkers from past wars that always intrigues me.  Maybe it's the history behind them and the fact that they've survived for so many years after the wars have long been over. Or knowing that at one time they were occupied by soldiers fighting and possibly dying within the bunkers themselves.  They stand as monuments and […]

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Surviving The world With a Dash Cam

You already know that anything can happen at any time. Times are getting more unstable, and it’s just smart to be prepared for a number of situations. Having the skills and knowledge to live a self-reliant life will keep you alive in the event of a catastrophic event. No matter what stage of preparation you’re […]

10 Tips To Prepare You for SHTF Situations

Humanity is facing a lot of threats at the moments. If it's not the economic downturns, it's climate change. If it's not climate change, it's terrorism. If it's not terrorism, it's the threat of a reality TV star leading one of the world's most powerful nations. Life as we know it is about to change […]

Grow These Unusual Plants For Your Survival Garden and Yard

If you are one of those preppers who tend to their garden as one of your preps, then this article may not be news for you- but I encourage you to read on. For those with no or small gardens and not really thinking about what new plants to grow, then this article is for […]

25 Essential Items for Your Survival Hygiene Kit

When it comes to general survivalism articles, hygiene usually takes a backseat behind things like food, water, bug-out bags and life in the wilderness. But why does it have to? Particularly since it can make the difference between life and death? Hygiene is defined by the Oxford dictionary as: “Conditions or practices conducive to maintaining […]

Here's How To Make Your Own Survival Water Filter

We all know that water is essential to life. Essential to the point where you can only survive two to three days without it. So what happens when you are stuck or stranded somewhere with no clean water supply for a couple of days, or even worse, weeks? How are you meant to survive this […]

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