in , CEO is a Hardcore Prepper

Normally when people hear about us preppers and the things we go through to be ready for a cataclysmic event, they roll their eyes and disregard us or might humor us for a few moments before running back to their comfortably fragile existence. However, we have an ally that’ll be hard for people to ignore – CEO Patrick Byrne. Like he does with his business acumen,  Byrne’s prepping goes far above and beyond what most of us try to cover and is storing food and supplies in the Utah wilderness to support 1,500 people for three months.


The boss of online marketplace has revealed he has stashed away $10million in gold and silver in the Utah wilderness as part of a back-up plan to survive any collapse of the U.S. financial system.

CEO Patrick Byrne has also amassed three months' worth of food and other supplies for his staff so that the website, based in Salt Lake City, can keep functioning should the nation's major institutions collapse.

Byrne revealed his doomsday scheme this week, which he said would look after all of the company's 1,500 employees should the worst happen.


Written by Christopher Koga

Christopher is an avid motorcycle rider who loves the freedom of the road. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, horseback riding and writing about doing all those things in both a recreational setting, and as a survivalist.

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