Hillary Clinton in Flint, MI Over Water Crisis

Although presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would love for you to think she’s concerned about the people of Flint, MI, some people just aren’t buying it. She visited Flint, MI on February 7, 2016 speaking to a crowd of residents and calling the water crisis “immoral.”

“I feel blessed to be here but I wish it were for a different reason…But I am here because for nearly two years mothers and fathers were voicing concerns about the water’s color and its smell, about the rashes that it gave to those that were bathing in it. And for nearly two years Flint was told the water was safe,” said Clinton.

Her speech got some positive response from the crowd with people applauding and yelling out “amen.”

Here are some more details on the visit and how it’s being perceived by some.

“Don’t jump on a cause just to get votes,” said Flint Lives Matter organiser Calandra Patrick, as Clinton’s jet arrived in town. “It doesn’t matter to me if she makes an appearance or not – it doesn’t matter to me one bit.”

Arnette Rison III, a 47-year-old independent contractor, put Clinton’s visit in starker terms: “If she’s bringing 35,000 hydroelectric filters, I’ll love her for it. But that’s not what she’s about to do.”

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Written by Derick Love

I am a former aspiring financial services worker with a special place in my heart for Solar Energy and renewable energy. I got hit pretty bad during the financial downturn and realized that the banking industry is literally bleeding the world dry.

So I switched my focus to something that gives back to the world rather than just takes from it. Renewable energy, especially solar, is something that will help us live on this planet for a long time to come.

General interests of mine include financial stability, world events, being prepared for the worst, renewable energy and sustainability and more. I'm learning something new everyday!

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