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September 11, 2015
photo by UNC - CFC - USFK courtesy of Flickr
photo by UNC - CFC - USFK courtesy of Flickr

Let's face it, most of us are stretched pretty thin financially and anything that can save some money while prepping is welcome news. So, in what I hope will become a regular contribution to ReadyTribe, here are your Friday Freebies for 9/11/15.

Survival e-books

Amazon allows authors to run free promotions for one to three days per month. These books are free today, so grab them while you can!

Survival Guide For Beginners

Super storm Sandy ripped up the eastern seaboard of the United States, leaving death and destruction in its path. While everyone knew the storm's path, and when it would strike, people and the community as a whole were caught off guard by the devastation. Super storm Sandy provides an example of why preparing for the worst-case scenario is the prudent path to take.

A Beginners Prepping Guide to Survive a Disaster in the Wilderness

If you have ever been interested in learning how to survive and test your mettle in the wild, than this eBook is for you. Learn how to master yourself and the environment around you by gaining new and crucial survival skills. Take your own in life in your own hands by discovering how to find food and water in the wild, make fires and shelter. This eBook even covers topics such as navigation in the wild and a basic overview of wound treatment and first aid. So if a disaster ever occurs you will be ready for it with the essential skills this eBook teaches you along with a survival kit that you will learn to prepare.

Furthermore this book also explores and investigates the human aspect of being a prepper – a person who looks ahead and stares disaster right in the face. Gain insight into the survival mindset which allows you to overcome life and death adversity. Learn how to manage your emotions, deal with your own problems and the importance of interpersonal skills. Also learn about the different types of disaster and how they are classified.

Whether your interest in survival is simply mere voyeurism, a hobby or a more fundamental desire to thrive in all situations, you are bound to learn a trick or two from this survival eBook.

THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE - How to Survive Anything, Anywhere, Anytime: A Beginner's Guide to Survival: (Survival, Survival Guide, Survival Books, How to Survive)

Disasters strike anywhere, anytime. You can find a place away from active volcanoes so you won’t have to worry about eruptions and lava. You can stay away from coastlines to avoid flooding, tsunami, hurricanes and storm surges. Of course, you wouldn’t want to live on top of a fault for fear of earthquakes. Want a cabin in the woods? Think about forest fire. Terrorists? They’re practically everywhere biding their time before they unleash chaos. Anywhere you go, danger seems imminent, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. You just need to be ready, to be prepared for anything.

DIY Survival Guide: The Best Tips and Strategies To Survive ANYWHERE (Survival Guide For Beginners, Surviving Natural Disasters)

One of the most important skills that a survivor must acquire is the ability to prioritize. To stay alive in a survival situation, the very basic needs of the human body must first be met. This includes water, food, and thermo-regulation. This book will teach you how to meet all these needs even in the direst circumstances. Within these pages, you’ll find useful knowledge on where to obtain and how to purify water whether you’re in the dessert, in a frigid environment, or stranded at sea.

Through this book, you will learn how to distinguish edible plants from non-edible vegetation. More than that, this book will teach you how to prepare edible plant food in ways which will make them more palatable. When stranded in the wild, resourcefulness may mark the difference as to whether you survive or perish. This book will teach you how to make use of the things that are available around you whether it’s for making a fire, for catching dinner, or for treating an infected wound.

This book has been specifically written for beginners who are interested in acquiring the basic set of skills for surviving in a crisis situation from dry land to sea. This book consists of easy-to-follow step-by-step guides designed to benefit the outdoor newbie. If you are interested in the outdoors, if you travel a lot, or if you live in a disaster prone area, read on. Read this book because the knowledge that could save you may be resting within these pages. Read this book simply because your life and those of your loved ones’ are worth preserving.

Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook: The Ultimate Prepper's Guide to Preparing Emergency First Aid and Survival Medicine for you and your Family

One of the most overlooked, yet vitally important, aspects of any survival situation is medical treatment. Following a catastrophic event, emergency medical responders will be overburdened (to say the least) and unable to respond to many calls for assistance as these departments struggle to categorize emergencies based on severity and a host of other factors that likely depend on the situation.

Even in less extreme cases, think about the last time you called 911 or had to go to the ER following an injury. How long did it take to receive treatment? Were you satisfied with the results of the medical care you paid for? And if you live in a rural area, an emergency medical response could take hours in the best of circumstances. Sprinkle in some bad weather or a regional catastrophe and the reality is that you may not receive the assistance you need in time.

It’s for this reason that understanding at least the basics of both emergency first aid and survival medicine are essential to any survival plan.

If you know of any free resources for the prepper community, please let me know and I'll get them into the next update!

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