White Rice Can Last More Than 25 Years

September 3, 2015

Did you know rice has a shelf life of 25-30 years?

Rice Shelf Life 25 years

Rice is cheap, easy to prepare and can last a long time when stored properly.   Rice is a global food staple and a great source of nutrition.  White rice, in particular, is a must add item to your food storage preparation.  It is high in caloric value, can be added to many meals and even flavored for variety.  Consider storing 30 - 60 lbs of rice per person for a years supply.

Store rice in a tightly sealed container. Food safe plastics (PETE) containers, glass jars, #10 cans (commercial size) lined with a food-grade enamel lining and Mylar®-type bags work best for long-term storage. Use food-safe oxygen absorbers [Bj5] available from food storage supply stores to preserve rice quality, and protect from insect infestation. #10 cans will hold approximate 5.7 lbs (2.6 kgs) of polished rice.  From USU.

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