Weave Your Own Paracord Belt 2020

April 2, 2020

If you have already used paracord to make smaller things like survival bracelets, keychains, item wraps, holders and lanyards, you’re probably ready to move on to a paracord project that actually offers a substantially longer amount of rope when unraveled. Weaving your own paracord belt is one of the more challenging paracord projects you can take on, though not because the weave itself is difficult but because the amount of time you will need to spend dedicated to manipulating paracord for so long.

However, for all of the effort that is put into creating your own paracord belt, the payoff is tremendous. Not only will you end up with an innate pride for having created the piece, but the belts look really nice. They are one of the few paracord items that seem to be universally attractive. If you take into consideration that you’re going to end up with around 100 feet of emergency paracord at your disposal, the fact that it’s even remotely attractive is remarkable in its own right, and it really doesn’t matter which weave pattern you actually use to make the belt.

If you have already decided that you are going to take the plunge and are ready to weave your own paracord belt, you have a couple choices to make. This pretty much just boils down to choosing the weave pattern you’re going to use and what kind of belt buckle you want. The buckle styles available for a paracord belt are as numerous as there are types of buckles, so you have a lot of freedom there.

As far as the weave patterns are concerned, you can use any that you like, really. Still, some patterns are (far) more popular than others for paracord belts, and these include the classic cobra weave, Slatt’s pattern or a wide Soloman. To watch and learn how to make each of these patterns, the tutorials to weave your own paracord belt are shown below:


Cobra Weave Belt


Slatt’s Rescue Belt


Wide Soloman Paracord Belt


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