Tactical Flashlight Personal Defense System

October 26, 2015

This tactical flashlight can be used as a self defense weapon, and can be carried in plain sight.

This video presentation features SurviTac's Close Quarter Combatives Technical Advisor, Tim Waid of PTKGO.

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A proper tactical light such as the ones used in the video (Nitecore MT26, MH2C), serves as a visual impairment tool, impact tool, force multiplier, and a natural extension for hooking, locking and grappling techniques.

Flashlights can be worn out in the open for easy access legally.  They serve many purposes, mainly to illuminate objects.  However, it can be used to blind an attacker and increase the power of your strike.  This can be a stunning combination for anyone attempting to harm or rob you.

In the daylight it can be used as a light weight, sturdy blunt force object.  And at night, it combines as both a striking tool and a blinding tool.  At the very least, it will shine the way to your house or car so you don't trip.

Carrying a gun or a blade can kill someone and potentially land you in heavy legal troubles even if you were the victim.  Proper use of a tactical flashlight can temporarily immobilize an attacker allowing you to escape and call the proper authorities.

A flashlight, due to its non lethal nature, can appear non-threatening and its use as a weapon can be easily overlooked by an attacker.  This can put the assailant at a disadvantage.

Remember, being prepared is not just about owning the right tools.  It is understanding how to use those tools and how to act or react in different situations and scenarios.

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