New Eco-friendly Technology for Water Purification Developed in India

April 4, 2016

Imagine a water purification process that's eco-friendly and can be duplicated in civic water treatment plants. Well, it could be a reality pretty soon. Indian scientists have developed an eco-friendly nanotechnology for water-softening applications.

This is obviously great news.

It may mean prevention of various water crises around the US and would definitely be a better way for the government - and any government for that matter, to manage water treatment processes.

You see, conventional water-softening techniques use synthetic resins and who knows what they'll mean for our bodies in the long run.

So having bio-degradable technology is definitely the way to go.

Here's more info:

"In the biopolymer, nanoparticles are the functional parts of the technology. They remove calcium and magnesium components of water through ion exchange, the same process that is used by common water purifiers," Devasish Chowdhury, associate professor, physical sciences division, IASST, told IANS.

"This material, we report, is the first of its kind with potential to act as a biodegradable and green material for water-softening applications," he said.

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