Growing Your Own Penicillin is Actually Pretty Easy

November 8, 2015

When preparing for some worldwide catastrophe, antibiotics are an incredibly important item to have around. Problem is, though, that antibiotics have a fairly short shelf life when compared to most other pill medications and can potentially become toxic. Likewise, if you end up needing an antibiotic and take one that stopped having active compounds, whatever infection you’re trying to fight will just end up taking over.

Thankfully, making your own penicillin is actually really easy as discussed over at, and using this method could literally mean the difference between life and death in a situation where doctors and medication are inaccessible. It might be pretty nasty taking the penicillin, but compared to the alternative, surviving really seems worth the terrible flavor.


From AnonHQ:

It is time for a thought experiment. You are living in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, in a dash your partner has deeply slashed their leg. As you take shelter the next few days, your partner begins to develop a noticeable infection. Keeping in mind that in real world cases infections can result in serious medical concerns, cause the loss of a limb or end with death if left untreated. Without access to modern medical supplies, would you know what to do to help your partner? Here is one cheap, easy way to potentially save your partner from these fates.

  • Take bread and place it in a bag or container
  • Let sit until spores begin to form
  • Take all the bread and break it up into smaller pieces
  • Add some moisture (light misting) and place the broken up pieces back in the same sealed bag or container
  • Monitor the mold growth and do not remove until the majority of the mold culture begins to turn decidedly green.


Image via Wikimedia Commons
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