Ferrocerium Rod Technique

When camping or in any outdoor survival setting, getting a fire started is critical. We've shown you things like 4 Ways To Start a Fire Without Matches, and How to Start a Fire With a Gum Wrapper or Steel Wool and a Battery, and now were going to highlight Ferrocerium Rods. In this video, Michael McQuilton from MCQBushcraft shows a few examples of Ferrocerium Rods and techniques when using them.

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Written by Jacob Mueller

After managing to survive 9 years of working for a large US bank, I've since transitioned to being an independent financial consultant. Being a life-long avid camper, I finally get to spend more time reading and being outdoors now that I'm not chained to an office for 55 hours a week.

Given the dual focus on being self-reliant in both the physical and financial sense, I immediately jumped at the chance when I got the invite to write for

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