A Little Trick: How to Start a Fire With a Gum Wrapper or Steel Wool and a Battery

Below we’ve a video showing you how to start a fire using a gum wrapper and a battery. The video shows this with a AA (double A) battery, but any battery will do, as long as you can connect the terminals as shown (small household batteries, don’t try it with a car battery … but I’m sure you know that).

And kids, don’t try this at home …

The important part here is the narrow ‘bridge’ between the terminals (where the wrapper is cut thinner). Also, it doesn’t have to be a gum wrapper, it can be any piece of aluminum foil. The benefit of using a wrapping paper is that it’s covered with paper on one side, and the conducting metal on the other, so the paper will easily catch fire.

Other variations of how to start a fire with a battery includes using a 9V battery and steel wool — which we’ve also included below, for your viewing pleasure.

These skills may seem trivial or useless when you look at them now, but maybe one day you’ll need them.

Starting a Fire With a Double A Battery and a Gum Wrapper

Fire: AA battery and gum wrapper

How to start a fire with a AA battery and a gum wrapper.

Starting a Fire With Steel Wool and a 9V Battery

Survival- Starting a Fire with Steel Wool & 9V Battery!

Steel Wool can start a fire under ANY weather condition, even when drenched in water! Watch and see!

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Written by Jeffrey Webb

I’ve been a consultant in the oil industry for most of my professional life. Since retiring a few years back, I’ve been spending my time traveling the world with my wife. I have always had a passion for travel and living abroad— maybe from working in oil fields all over the world? I guess it’s hard to settle down and do nothing after all these years.

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