DIY Outdoor Stove Made From Tire Rims?

December 17, 2015

So do you have a set of old tire rims sitting around in your front yard, next to that old couch and car that's up on blocks?  Well guess what, you can turn those rims into an awesome outdoor, wood burning stove that's perfect for taking on the next camping trip or even using at your next party.

Basically you'll need to get a hole cut in the side each of the rims and have a welder weld them together for you.  The owner of the rims in the photo below had it done for about $40, but you may have a friend or the know how to do it even cheaper.  Once the two pieces are welded together, steel wool the entire stove to clean up any dirt and debris on the rims.  Then spray them with several coats of heat resistant spray paint that you can grab at your local home improvement store.

Many were asking how to make this awesome stove so Ben gave us a few tips.  He went to an auto salvage yard and picked up two old 17 inch GM tire rims for cheap.   He them brought them to a welder and had the welder cut out the hole and weld them together.  The welder charged him about $40.  After it was welded, he sanded it completely with steel wool and put about 6 coats of high heat resistant Rustoleum black paint (as seen here) on it.  It’s important to use the high heat paint so it won’t peel off when you use your stove.  There are holes at the bottom of this stove.  It allows air to flow through for the fire.  Finally, he leveled it off one two bricks to complete his stove! 

This project just makes me want to grab my Lodge cast iron pan and do some cast iron cooking! Notice how he used a cinder block to hold the iron rods for cooking. So clever!  Love that!   Read the original post for this project at

DIY Wood Stove made from Tire Rims
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