Surviving The world With a Dash Cam

February 12, 2017

You already know that anything can happen at any time. Times are getting more unstable, and it’s just smart to be prepared for a number of situations. Having the skills and knowledge to live a self-reliant life will keep you alive in the event of a catastrophic event.

No matter what stage of preparation you’re in, if you’ve already put together a stockpile of food, water, and medical supplies somewhere, or you’re still contemplating what to put in your bug out bag, it is never too early to start planning. Being prepared to leave your home at a second's notice can make all the difference in the outcome of you or your family if it comes down to it.

Having everything ready to go is half the battle in getting a head start, but having the right things is the other part. Having a survival kit already prepared is essential to your perseverance in the event you need to leave you home immediately.

You probably have the standard flashlight, water purifiers, medical supplies, food rations, maybe even a tent.

But have you ever considered a dash cam?

Not as standard in most people’s kits as some other supplies, but maybe they should be. Having a dash cam as part of your survival pack, in your bug out vehicle or your everyday driver, could help you survive out in the wild for a variety of reasons.

What to be prepared for

Some people may think survivalist are paranoid and crazy, but the reality is those people will be the ones left unprepared, hungry, and thirsty if a catastrophic event happens.

We are prepared for a number of emergencies that may occur, they are also aware that the threat of a foreign war is very real, and we would receive no warning from our government about a nuclear bomb. A catastrophic event could happen at any time, and you’ll need to be on the move.

You need to get out and go. Are you ready?

Here are a couple of ways a dash cam could help save you when you live a self-reliant life.

Use dash cam as surveillance

Staying alert is the name of the game, and a dash cam not only records information for you that you might have missed while driving, but lets you play back the footage as many times as you want.

Depending on the dash cam model, you will not only be able to record activity while you are driving, but you will also have the capability to record when you are not in the car.

This is an excellent way to keep a watch of your car or hiding spots you missed while you are not near it. See if anyone is following you, or identify who is trying to break into your car from the automatically upload video.

With your eyes on the road, you don’t have time to keep track of every car driving by or if and individuals keep showing up around you or are keeping an eye on you. Having a dash cam with these features will help keep some type of surveillance around you, and give you the information you need to keep you and your family safe.

Most models can also double as a portable camera.

Active Driving Log

Having a dashboard cam is also a good way to keep a log of your journey and any unexpected things that you may encounter. A number of scenarios could happen, and knowing you have it on tape could help in planning what to do next or explaining something odd that occurred.

Driving with a dash cam may help you capture any event such as an accident, a hit and run or help you out of law suits or insurance claims. Less likely events, such as a foreign military presence on, a nuclear strike an earthquake, or even an asteroid streaking across the sky can also be documented.

Use dash cam to track potential food

Waiting out in the elements can be tough, and food may be scarce. Using a dash cam can help when you leave your vehicle somewhere and need to track the movement of animals such as deer, rabbits, squirrels and any other animals that could be hunted for food. Capturing these animals on camera will help you locate the direction they are traveling and what time they tend to make an appearance. Having this knowledge will make it easier to look and follow animal tracks so that you won’t go hungry.

Are you convinced?

Sure you know how to pack your bag, purify water, but don’t count out the usefulness of having a dash camera with you. In the event that something major happens, having an extra eye, that never blinks and never sleeps, is good for protection. It will give you a better outlook on the dangers that surround us every day.

Pick a high-end cam or a budget-friendly one, but just make sure to add on to your survival kit. This one purchase could literally save your life from an attack, or help lead you to animals to hunt for food. The world has become increasingly violent and unstable over time; we cannot take anything for granted. We need to be prepared for when disaster strikes.

Vantrue makes affordable high quality dashboard cameras. Well worth to check out!

Other good producers are Garmin (the same company that makes GPS and navigation systems).

Having the right tools and necessities with you will help you survive for whatever situation happens. Remember to prep yourself both physically and mentally, so you can do what needs to be done to survive whatever comes your way.

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