The 5 Coolest Concealed Gun Storage Options

When storing your weapons at home, it's incredibly important that they're safely out of sight from children and other untrained individuals. It is however also important to consider how you would access your weapons in an emergency situation such as a break-in. Will you be able to get to your weapons and protect your family, or will they be easily discovered by an intruder and potentially used against you? The examples below show ways to have your weapons safely hidden, while also easily accessible in an emergency.

Nightstand Storage

Having a weapon conveniently hidden away in a nightstand makes perfect sense as protection during a night-time home invasion.


Wall Mirror

Able to fit in to nearly any room in the house, a concealed storage mirror serves as a flexible solution.


Bookshelf Storage

This bookshelf not only provides ample concealed storage, but it also looks fantastic.


Floating Wall Shelves

Sleek and able to be used in most spaces, these floating shelves look like a great option.


Concealed Clock Storage

This one is certainly unlikely to be unintentionally discovered – concealed storage inside a working clock.


These ready to buy methods of concealed gun storage perfect for keeping your weapons out of sight, away from children, and yet easily accessible when needed. Have other unique storage options? Let's see them in the comments section.

Written by Jacob Mueller

After managing to survive 9 years of working for a large US bank, I've since transitioned to being an independent financial consultant. Being a life-long avid camper, I finally get to spend more time reading and being outdoors now that I'm not chained to an office for 55 hours a week.

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