Company Develops New Rifle Straight Out of Blade Runner – Near 100% Kill Rate – Gun Control & Animal Rights Activists Are Furious

October 21, 2015

With what appears to be straight out of a science fiction movie, a company called TrackingPoint has developed what they call the “Precision Guided Firearm” or PGF. Available in three high-caliber semi-automatic rifle models (5.56, 7.62 & .300) and one bolt action rifle model (.338), the PGF boasts accuracy of up to three-quarters of a mile on a target traveling at up to twenty miles per hour.

The PGF uses the same tracking and fire control technology in fighter planes and the company’s website states that shooters of any skill can now shoot more accurately than the best shooters that ever lived. Here is a video of a 12 year old girl hitting a target at 1,000 yards with the PGF.

By combining an optical tagging system with a trigger control, the PGF allows the shooter to tag the desired impact point, then while squeezing the trigger, the firing control mechanism that contains three gyroscopes and three accelerometers fires at the precise moment that the target is centered in the crosshairs virtually eliminating operator error. tracking-illustration-large-reskin

Additionally, the system constantly maintains a sighted-in rifle with the built-in Barrel Reference System, meaning that the weapon is always sighted-in.

This dynamic firing mechanism allows for jaw-dropping shots made while both the shooter and the target are moving, and with the use of a wearable technology similar to Google Glass called ReconJet and using an application they developed called ShotGlass, shooters can make shots while remaining safely behind some form of cover.

The military applications for this weapon system are obvious, and the US Army has already purchased 16 of the weapons. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has completed its own tests of the FGS and restricted export of the weapon - banning sales to unfriendly nations.


Starting at nearly $7,500 and topping out at over $24k for the longest range model, the PGF will be out of reach for most, but as production increases, prices will likely go down and make this video game-style weapon more within reach for the average hunter, gun enthusiast, or prepper. This video shows how the system works and what it can do. Almost makes it too easy, right?

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