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Are You Making This Potentially Costly Mistake When Traveling?

Bar codes – they're everywhere. If you've traveled by airline in the last few years, you noticed that they're used on everything from checking baggage to checking you in for your flight. They're even on your boarding pass. So what do you do with your pass once your flight is over? Hopefully you don't just throw it away. Here's why:


We really need to make sure that our personal details aren't stolen otherwise we could become the next victims of this…

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Written by Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

I used to work on Wall Street, but prefer the wide open spaces and freedom that the West provides. My favorite places are anywhere on the Pacific Crest Trail and the top of the next mountain in sight. I am an avid backpacker and rock climber and am into self-reliance. When I'm not on the trail, I'm writing about my experiences on-line.

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