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Waterproof Your Tools

Waterproofing your tools can be a valuable skill to know. It can help protect your equipment and save some money.


One hour after staying inside bilge water and the cordless drill is still working!

Watch the video here:


While we don't recommend you trying this in bilge water, imagine how effective this is against normal rain water.

It is surprisingly easy to do this and you only need two things.


1.Conformal Coating


Get the same one from the video here.

2.Electrical Insulating Compound


Get the same one from the video here.

Caution: Nothing is 100% water proof however, you can greatly improve your chances using this guide.

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Written by Randy Smith

Randy Smith

Hey, exited to see you here!

I have been working with photography and image editing professionally for the past 7 years. Previously to this I completed my 3 year graduation in Photography at The Art Institute of Seattle. I work as a Freelance Photographer in Seattle. My key asset however lies in understanding the client's request. The only way to achieve good results is through good communication.

As an avid hiker and camper, I always bring my camera and document every place and corner I travel to. I have always been good at two things: telling stories and having adventures. You can read more about my travels and adventures at ReadyTribe.com.

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