Urban Survival Training Courses See Rise In Sign-Ups

Urban Survival9/11, 7/7, Boston and of course the two recent and deadly attacks in Paris – it’s starting to feel like we’re not as safe as we think. And apparently a lot of people are feeling exactly that way. Urban survival is a skill that seems more and more like a necessity for all, not just law enforcement and security.

That’s probably why urban survival courses are seeing a rise in interest ever since the latest attacks on Paris. According to WSLS10 Mountain Shepherd Survival School is noticing a lot more people interested in their services.

As part of the training, Bennett shows students what to carry when traveling. There are maps, walkie talkies, first aid kit, and a water bottle called Grayl which can purify water.

Bennett also shows techniques like how to defend yourself.

Urban survival is being able to survive in dangerous situations (presumably like hostage situations) that are set in urban environments (like the city of Paris). You learn all about how to evade, and maneuver when your life is on the line. Not a bad skill to have at a time like this.

If you were in a situation where crazy masked gunmen were killing people randomly, wouldn’t you want to be trained on how to best react and possibly save your (and other peoples’) life? I know I would.

Here’s what the Mountain Shepherd School website says about the “Urban Pursuit” course they offer:

If the nightly news is any indication, an individual is justified to be slightly anxious when traveling to cities within and without the United States borders.  A simple wrong turn can place you in an environment that could prove dangerous.

With a global economy strengthening, more and more individuals are finding themselves required to travel.  This course will help you relieve your anxieties and help insure that your chances of finding a successful and rewarding travel experience increase dramatically.

Learn to avoiding dangerous situations. Identify signs indicating danger may be close. Learn to escape to a safe harbor. Learn how to assist in your rescue should you find yourself in a hostage situation. This course will better prepare you as you enter a foreign wilderness defined by concrete and steel.

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Wow.. that sounds intense. Couple that with some defense training like Krav Maga and you’re a force to be reckoned with!

It doesn’t make sense to be unprepared for anything. And it’s not just combat and hostage situations they’ll teach you to navigate. They also discuss natural disasters and what to do if mother nature strikes while you’re in the big city.

Have you ever taken an urban survival course or training? Tell us your experience in the comments.

Written by Derick Love

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