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Tips for Jungle Survival from Marines

You may already understand the basics of surviving in the wilderness like navigation without a compass and knowing what to bring for a survival trip, but the wilderness gets especially difficult when you start tackling more exotic jungle locations. To help you get started, this video offers jungle survival tips straight from Marines, and you know that these guys know how to get by in the harshest situations so what they say should be taken a bit heavier than tricks from people who might just do YouTube for a living.


31st MEU Marines Learn Jungle Survival in the Philippines

Marines with India Battery, Company G., Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, learn jungle survival techniques from Philippine Marines during a training evolution of Amphibious Landing Exercise 2013. Soundbites from Lance Cpl. Julio Velasquez. Produced by Sgt. Paul Robbins Jr. Also available in high definition.

Written by Paul Stevens

I've always been an outdoorsman. Growing up in the mountains
twenty five miles from the nearest town (of only 1000 people
even!) will do that for you.

Since moving on from my first career as a wildland firefighter,
I've run a travel adventure company, built my own home in the
wilds of North Idaho and recently taken a stab at this writing
thing. Happy to be a Ready Tribe contributor.

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