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October 1, 2015

Survival gear like stored food and water as well as medical supplies and hunting equipment is essential during emergencies, such as natural disasters or an economic meltdown. While modern firearms offer several benefits, they also have limitations. Although a bow and arrow set has some distinct advantages over firearms, most regular bows are costly and not adaptable for survival use. Trying to make a bow in the wilderness also requires tools and skills. As a result, survivalists should seriously consider purchasing a good take-down bow and arrow with the goal of becoming proficient in its use. This time-honored weapon system can be used for hunting as well as the primary method for defending yourself and your family. New manufacturing techniques and stronger materials have produced advances in bow and arrow technology making them more adaptable for survival situations.

The Best Survival Bow - the Spectre Compact

Spectre Take-down Bow Set

Spectre Take-down Bow and Arrow SetMade in the USA, the Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set features a lightweight, compact design with fiberglass limbs and ambidextrous fiberglass riser. The bow is available with a 35-lb, 45-lb or 55-lb draw. The affordable Spectre compact take-down bow is ideal for survival hunting. It includes a manual that provides basic survival techniques as well as how-to tips for bow hunting, processing wild game and preserving food without refrigeration. The set also contains three arrows with field points, a shoulder strap-equipped carrying case and arrow rest. The bow is assembled by placing the fiberglass resin limbs in the brackets mounted on the riser. The assembly process does not require any tools. String the bow and you are ready to shoot. Weighing less than 5 pounds, the slip-in/slip-out detachable design enables the bow to be disassembled for easy storage. When disassembled the pieces are approximately 16 inches long. The Spectre survival bow is also the perfect backup for bow hunters. Additional arrows can be purchased separately, but this set as-is is only $89.95 at Amazon.

Benefits of a Bow and Arrow for Survival

There are five major reasons survivalists should own a take-down bow.

1. Laws and Regulations

There are numerous laws, rules and regulations governing the purchase and ownership of various types of firearms and ammunition. These governmental policies can be rather strict depending upon the local jurisdiction. The current trend is to make it even more difficult in the future to obtain firearms and ammunition. The laws and legal limitations for owning bows and arrows are less stringent. There are no permits or paperwork required even though a bow and arrow can be just as lethal. You can buy a survival bow in a store or order one online, no questions asked.

2. Versatility

There have been significant advances in modern arrows and tips. The majority of today’s new carbon fiber arrows have a screw tip that accepts a variety of arrowheads. In addition to practice points, arrows can be mated with stunner tips for small game and wider razor edge arrowheads for large game as well as hook tip and line for bow fishing. A selection of various arrow tips fits easily is a backpack or a vehicle.

A take-down bow is a multi-use item, as various parts can be used for two or three different roles, which is crucial in a survival situation. A piece of equipment that performs multiple tasks saves space and weight. The bowstring can be used as a fishing line, for snare and traps, cordage for tying items together and as part of a bow drill for starting a fire. Arrows can be attached to longer pieces of wood to create a spear. Along with hunting, the spear can be used for self-defense. Having a survival bow like the Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set also enables you to hunt and gather food in several different ways. This allows you to conserve your limited supply of ammunition for critical self-defense engagements. Reducing your reliance on firearms lessens your need for storing and transporting additional supplies and equipment, such as gunpowder, ball ammo and a reloader. It also lessens the time that you need time in a semi-stationary position to perform various tasks.

3. Affordability

Take-down bows, as well as arrows, are reasonably priced and affordable, costing significantly less than even the least expensive hunting rifles. In contrast to a bow made from a sapling and parachute chord, a fiberglass take-down bow is more reliable and will have an extended lifespan when properly maintained. Arrows, the bow’s ammunition, are cost-effective as well. Once you develop your archery skills, you should be able to track and retrieve the arrow after shooting it, which enables the arrow to be reused. In a survival situation, it is also possible to fabricate arrows and tips from items found in the surrounding wild or urban environment, such as natural wood, plant shafts, flint and other stones. It may not be possible to repair a firearm or find ammunition in a post-event situation or it will come at a high cost as supplies dwindle. These factors limit the utility of a firearm. In a post-event scenario, the market for arrows will probably increase along with the number of bow hunters relying on this dependable weapon system. Arrows may become more readily available.

4. Portability

Take-down is the term used to describe bows that can be disassembled into three pieces. These components are the riser, or middle grip section, and the two limbs. The limbs are inserted into brackets mounted on the riser and secured in place by lug nut screws and wing nuts. The process to assemble and dissemble the bow can be accomplished without any tools. Being able to take the bow apart enables it to take up less space in a backpack or vehicle making the bow easily portable in a variety of situations. It can be stored in a bug out bag, bug out vehicle or in a bug out location cache. The Spectre Combat fits this benefit perfectly - check out teh video below for an example of its assembly.

Get the Spectre Combat Take-down Set at Amazon

5. Silent and Concealable

Unlike a firearm, a bow and arrow is a very quiet weapon, especially with the installation of string silencers. This feature, along with the slow silent flight of the arrow, enables you to move from the firing spot before an adversary can track your position based on the trajectory of the arrow. While a bowshot must be done from much closer distances than can be accomplished with a firearm, studies show that most gunfights occur within arrow range. Silence and the element of surprise also help compensate for the bow’s slower rate of fire. The low recoil of the bow provides the ability to conceal your position more effectively. While a handgun can be easily concealed, a long gun is readily visible. Carrying a rifle or even a long bow may draw attention. A Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set can be disassembled and carried out of sight in a survival bag. The discharge of a firearm also attracts attention. People nearby may want to come by and investigate, which can compromise your bug out location.

target-practiceA gun or bow is just a tool in the hands of a craftsperson. As with a firearm, target practice will enable you to shoot faster and be more accurate. In the hands of the right person, a survival bow is just as deadly as a gun. Once learned, archery is a lifelong skill that may come in handy in a survival situation. It also demonstrates that you can pull your weight to the other members of your survival group. The Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set is an excellent choice as a primary or secondary hunting and self-defense weapon - check it out at

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