Staying Green When the Landscape is Covered in White

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on living green until springtime rolls around again. In fact, winter offers up a number of projects that you can undertake to have a smaller impact on the environment during the colder months. In fact, some of the tips will also mean making your home more green year round.


Winter time has arrived and heating cost are going to sky rocket every penny you have right from the bank. Help lower your heating cost, energy use and air purification by winterizing your home the green way. By following 5 green living tips anyone can create a better environment and a better world.


If your windows are old and you do not have the money to replace them at the moment, invest in a simple window kit for indoor use. It is an insulated plastic that anyone can apply to windows to seal out the cold air and leaks. It helps to prevent heat loss and conserves energy. If the power goes off, it will help your home to retain the heat for a longer period of time until repairs can be made. Read More Winter Living Tips

Written by Rick Sunderland

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