Screws 101

Any serious project requires some type of screws. If you want something that will last, just a rope and knot is not enough.  We believe every serious prepper should have a basic understanding of screw types. It's the type of thing that you would need for any DIY project you plan on doing around the house. Not to mention if you need to build a solid shelter that you need to last.

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Here are the most popular screw types. Everyone should know at least these screws and what they are for.


Check out the complete in depth cheat sheet. We recommend printing this to have in your garage whenever you need.




Written by Paul Stevens

I've always been an outdoorsman. Growing up in the mountains
twenty five miles from the nearest town (of only 1000 people
even!) will do that for you.

Since moving on from my first career as a wildland firefighter,
I've run a travel adventure company, built my own home in the
wilds of North Idaho and recently taken a stab at this writing
thing. Happy to be a Ready Tribe contributor.

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