Are You Ready For The Next Mass Shooting?

It's terrible to even think about the next mass shooting, isn't it? I'm not trying to politicize this issue – the politicians are already doing a good job of that. I also don't mean any disrespect to the families of those who have lost loved ones in the San Bernardino shootings, or any of the victims' families from the more than 300 other mass shootings that have taken place in the US this year. Unfortunately, nobody is immune to this event that has happened at a rate of more than once per day in the US during 2015.

A Mass Shooting Every Day – The New Normal?

Mass shootings take place in rural states and urban states. They take place in states with restrictive gun laws and lax gun laws. They occur as a result of conflicts between the shooter and one or more of the victims as well as with random victims unknown to the shooter. The most recent one appears to be the result of radicalized allegiance to ISIS – a growing threat. So far, only three states have not experienced a mass shooting in 2015.  Here is a map of the 2015 mass shootings using crowd-sourced data from

shootings mapThis website – this community – is about being ready for whatever happens, and another mass shooting in the US will happen, it's just a matter of when. While the politicians wrangle about what to do, I can guarantee you one thing – whatever they finally commit to (if anything) and whenever they commit to it, won't save the lives of the next mass shooting victims.

What are you doing to prepare for yourself and your family?

There are lots of possible solutions – but the safest ones are often the least practical, i.e. bug out and go off the grid forever. Increasingly, it seems clear that the more sane individuals who possess concealed firearms, the more quickly the next mass shooting will be derailed. While the mainstream media hesitates to publicize stories of the “hero with a gun,” you can find them if you look.   Does that mean that every time someone with a concealed weapon acts to stop a would-be assailant, it always works exactly as planned? No, of course not. Neither do the efforts of our most highly-trained law enforcement officers in similar situations. However, it is silly for the media to imply that these cases prove that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens can't stem the tide – there are enough examples that prove the opposite.

If you're ready to be ready, you need to check out these two resources:

Concealed Carry Training  – Legally Concealed Carry in 28 States With This Training

How to Survive A Violent Attack – Free Ebook

Mass shootings aren't going away anytime soon and your odds of experiencing one only seem to be getting better. Be ready.




Written by Mark Taylor

I used to work on Wall Street, but prefer the wide open spaces and freedom that the West provides. My favorite places are anywhere on the Pacific Crest Trail and the top of the next mountain in sight. I am an avid backpacker and rock climber and am into self-reliance. When I'm not on the trail, I'm writing about my experiences on-line.

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