Obama Taking Executive Action To Control Your Guns

January 5, 2016
Obama Executive Action Guns

If it wasn't enough that politicians run out in front of the cameras 30 mins after a major incident involving guns to play on the grief of other for political gain, our present President has now decided executive action is needed.

Here is a story we will be following in the following days about his upcoming announcements.

JUST IN: Pres. Obama addresses possible executive actions on gun control from the Oval Office.

Posted by CNBC on Monday, January 4, 2016

As this situation evolves, I will update this page.

Well the changes that Obama is making our out in the wild:

Lets see, here are the steps he's going to make.

#1 Anyone selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks
#2 Actually enforce the current laws in place
#3 Help people with mental illness (guess that will work if they self report)
#4 Work with gun manufacturers to make guns safer??

Lets here your voice on the matter, tell us what you think in the comments.

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