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Is New Jet Lag Cure Viable for Survival Purposes?

When dealing with a potential disaster situation, there’s a good chance that you will also find yourself painfully tired from exhaustion and lack of sleep. Some researchers may have found a way to fight jet lag, which seems like it should work well in any situation where you didn’t get proper sleep the night before. If you’ve seen anything further about this research or, possibly, have actual experience with this kind of thing to fight off sleepiness, let us know in the comments below!


Jet lag might be the worst part of long-distance travel, especially when it leaves you feeling tired, cranky and off-kilter for days.

But scientists at Stanford University say there may be a way to prevent jet lag without medication or adjusting your sleep schedule.

A team of researchers led by neurobiologist Jamie Zeitzer is working on a technique that exposes people to short flashes of light while they sleep to help them adjust more quickly to time zone changes. Continue Reading

Written by Derick Love

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