Fun Physical Activities Also Help to Prep the Whole Family

While recreational activities might not seem to have as much utility as knowing how to make a stove out of a can, they will end up having a beneficial impact to your family’s survivability in all kinds of situations.

Things you can do with the family to build endurance and agility include taking walks, going hiking, playing basketball and bicycling. For hand-eye coordination and speed, all manner of racket sports (i.e. tennis, badminton, racquetball, etc) offer great exercise and the whole family can participate. When it comes to building strength, you’re not going to find anything better than simply lifting weights, though talking the whole family into doing curls and bench presses might be a tough sell.

This article discusses many different recreational activities and why these recreational activities would help prepper families to be better prepared for possible emergencies in the future. Because there are so many suggested activities, preppers can use trial and error to find those activities that their family members like.

Walking is an activity that some or all of the family members might want to do either alone or together. From walking in city parks, this activity could lead to country hiking. All of these activities will improve the aerobic endurance and stamina of family members. Short walks even are appropriate for most seniors. Continue Reading this Article

Written by Rick Sunderland

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