Emergency Situation Shelter Building

If you spend enough time outdoors, there’s a good chance that you will end up eventually needing to build an emergency shelter. This piece below from HowStuffWorks offers up some cool advice on getting a shelter built in such a situation. However, we would also like to point out that if you had a good, small backup tent packed tight in your sack, you’d likely be able to avoid this altogether.


Here's a worst-case scenario for you: You've been separated from your day hiking group late on a chilly fall afternoon and find yourself alone in the woods. You have no tent or sleeping bag, and night falls fast deep in the forest. You call out and hear nothing but the cold wind. You mark a tree and walk half a mile and back in every direction — no one, nothing. A cold shiver washes over you, and you realize that if you don't get some shelter from the coming night's cold, you may be in serious trouble. What happens in the next couple of hours may decide whether or not you survive the night. Continue Reading

Written by Christopher Koga

Christopher is an avid motorcycle rider who loves the freedom of the road. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, horseback riding and writing about doing all those things in both a recreational setting, and as a survivalist.

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