DIY Woods Shelter with No Modern Tools

The below video details how one man made an amazing wattle and daub shelter in the woods using no modern tools whatsoever. He uses a handmade stone axe to cut wood and skin bark from nearby trees, and mud to form clay pots and walls. It's well worth the 11 minute watch to see this thing take shape. The creator mentions in the video comments that the shelter was built over the course of 9 months, but was 30 days worth of actual work. Though, given this is big enough for two, you could likely get this constructed in half the time with help.

Written by Jacob Mueller

After managing to survive 9 years of working for a large US bank, I've since transitioned to being an independent financial consultant. Being a life-long avid camper, I finally get to spend more time reading and being outdoors now that I'm not chained to an office for 55 hours a week.

Given the dual focus on being self-reliant in both the physical and financial sense, I immediately jumped at the chance when I got the invite to write for

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