Daily Habits Every Prepared Person Should Do

daily-habitsBeing a prepared person is more than just stockpiling food and worrying about a disaster. It's a lifestyle. And to be a truly prepared person it's a really good idea to commit to some daily habits that keep you in the ready. I recently read a great post over at Survival Life about this and it made a lot of sense to me.

I wanted to share the gist of it with the Ready Tribe readers because I think it's a good idea, and not too difficult, to implement some or all of these in our daily lives.

It's not about drastic changes or droning about everyday in a repetitive way. It's about living your daily life “with an eye towards preparedness.” How you act before an emergency is often what will save your life and family during an emergency.

Here's a quick rundown of the 10 daily habits.

Prepared People…

  1. Think Beyond “Plan A”
  2. React Calmly
  3. Are Critical Thinkers
  4. Carry a Kit with them Everywhere, Every Day
  5. Are MacGyvers
  6. Live a Skills Based Lifestyle
  7. Are Physically Active
  8. Require Purchases to be Multi-Purpose
  9. Are Not Wasteful
  10. Practice Situational Awareness

You can read more explanation about the list here.

My favorite point was probably #2 – Prepared People React Calmly. This is a huge thing for me and I think keeping your nerves and mind calm – not clouded by fear, emotion or something worse – can help you succeed in the best possible way in any situation.

I highly recommend reading the full list and putting this stuff into practice in your life. It may just help save your life and the ones you love.

Written by Derick Love

I am a former aspiring financial services worker with a special place in my heart for Solar Energy and renewable energy. I got hit pretty bad during the financial downturn and realized that the banking industry is literally bleeding the world dry.

So I switched my focus to something that gives back to the world rather than just takes from it. Renewable energy, especially solar, is something that will help us live on this planet for a long time to come.

General interests of mine include financial stability, world events, being prepared for the worst, renewable energy and sustainability and more. I'm learning something new everyday!

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