Big Win For Californians Who Generate Solar Energy

December 22, 2015

rooftop-solar-powerIf you live in California, there's a good chance you've come across solar panels on house rooftops. The new clean energy trend has rooftop panels blooming across the state. And that's had the monopolistic power companies huffing and puffing about how much less money they're making.

Especially since they already think the rate at which they have to pay people with solar cells who sell excess energy back to the power companies is too high.

That's right, the big bad power companies who makes billions were crying they THEY had to pay too much for power generated by hard-working Americans. Hah! The Irony...

Southern California Edison, PG&E and other big power players in California have been lobbying the government long and hard trying to get these rates reduced. The only problem is that these rate hikes would essentially destroy the rooftop energy business in California.

last week the PUC issued a proposed ruling that happily did not give the big utilities what they wanted — new monthly fees on customers with their own solar panels amounting to an average of $800 annually — and that’s a huge victory for the future of localized solar power in our state.

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Of course, it's not about running the big power giants out of business. But at the same time the smaller cleaner energy industry needs to be protected. People are putting up huge arrays of solar panels to try and help all of California. To make it more difficult for them to generate and sell the power from the solar panels is unfair.

Hopefully any other attempts around the country by the large power monopolies to stop the average Joe from generating their own power (and making a little of that investment back by selling the power) is shut down like it was in California.

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