(Another) Expert Lays Out What (He Thinks) You Need in Your Bug-Out Bag

April 2, 2016

Okay, the title here might be a little tongue in cheek, but Tim MacWelch seriously knows his stuff when it comes to survival. The list is pretty straightforward and is likely packed full of stuff you already have, but if you’re only making a bug-out bag for the first time, it’s worth checking out.


 Survival expert Tim MacWelch and author of “How to Survive Anything” is offering a few tips on how to get through a potential disaster.

“When the tornado strikes, when the solar flares blaze, when the zombies rise…what are you going to do? So many possible disasters, so little time to prepare,” a summary of MacWelch’s book on Amazon reads.

And in a new video for Business Insider, MacWelch shares which items he has packed in his “bug-out bag.” Continue Reading

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