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Amazon Giving Refunds for Hoverboards Due to Fires

“Hoverboards,” one of the more popular gifts from this holiday season, are under pretty intense scrutiny right now since they keep, you know, catching on fire. Because of this, Amazon is currently giving hoverboard customers a full refund for the purchase. What’s somewhat odd, though, is that Amazon is still selling quite a few hoverboard models, including a few that are being investigated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Also, can we stop calling these things “hoverboards” already? They don’t hover and the name is a tease for those of us who grew up fans of Back to the Future.


The Everything Store says that electronics users turned off by reports of the devices exploding can return them for a full refund, Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Elliot Kaye said.

Kaye lauded the company “erring on the side of caution” in a release where he pointed to the dangers of the two-wheeled scooters, which do not actually hover.

The CPSC said it was looking into dozens of blazes involving the smart boards, thought to be caused by lithium-ion batteries and the hoverboards’ electronic wiring. Continue Reading at NY Daily News

Written by Rick Sunderland

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