A Great DIY Way to Build a Water Filter

April 2, 2020
DIY Water Purifier

Having a good water filter or purification system is a great idea. But it can be pretty expensive to get a really good system setup in your house.

This Portable Water Filtration System Was Named Time Best Invention 2005

Here's a quick way to make your own water filtration system that I found on SurvivalLife.

Step 1:

Grab a bucket or pot to collect the filtered water.

Step 2:

Get a pant leg, 2-liter soda pop bottle or other cone shaped object. If you're using a pop bottle cut the bottom of the bottle off and throw away the cap.

Step 3:

Cover the narrow end of the cone with a cloth (make sure it can stay there on it's own) and point it downwards over the collection bucket/pot.

Step 4:

Now we're going to fill the rest of the cone with different layers - these layers will do the actual filtering of the contaminated water.


  1. Charcoal (closest to narrow end of cone)
  2. Clean Sand
  3. Small Rocks
  4. Clean Sand
  5. Small Rocks

Step 5:

Pour your contaminated water on the top layer (the small rocks) and watch it slowly filter its way to clean down below.

And that's it!

Having trouble visualizing it?

Here's picture from the original SurvivalLife post.

DIY Water Purifier

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