Top 9 Badass Self-Defense Weapons That You Can Make at Home

April 13, 2017

Danger never announces itself; we know that, and that is why it is even more important to always be prepared. With crimes like theft, breaking and entering, and robberies increasing, we can all agree it is smart to have some form of self-defense just in case a criminal targets you.

The biggest mistake most people make is waiting until they are a victim of a crime before they look for ways to protect themselves, their loved ones, and property. But by then, is way too late.

What if the attacker does real life-threatening damage? What if you wake up one night to find an intruder inside your house with your baby sleeping in the next room? It’s chilling to imagine that, but it is a real possibility. And it doesn’t end there; nowadays, you are never really guaranteed safety, regardless of where you are. You can be attacked in the streets, a hotel room, at your home, or even in your car.

Protect yourself

Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones. Refuse to fall victim to these scenerios.
Start taking inventory of what you have around you, and what you can use to protect yourself. Always make sure you have some type of self-defense tool you can reach for quickly and either stop any harm, or at least reduce the extent to which your attacker can cause damage, whether physical or otherwise.

Maybe your thoughts are turning to you guns or weapons you have stored. While those are all good and fine, the best way to be prepared is to also have a backup plan. And this should be something you can carry with ease, so you have it with you virtually everywhere.

If you can’t think of just having a one type fits all situations type of handmade weapon, don’t worry, no one said you had to stop with just one. Different scenarios call for different measures. You can’t very well walk through airport security with a loaded firearm, but that doesn’t stop you from carrying a tactical pen with you, or one of the other suggestions we have below. The important thing to remember is to have a reliable option for each scenario.

Be prepared

Nowadays, places are crowded, strangers are everywhere, and while you shouldn’t walk around paranoid all day, you never know when an unfortunate situation will present itself. But whenever it does, be ready with a self-defense weapon. And it doesn’t even have to be sophisticated or expensive. Often, when we think of our security, most people think of guns and other expensive tools of defense, while ignoring the most obvious ones, like fountain pens.

Don’t spend your money on overly expensive gadgets when you can create your own homemade DIY weapons, using easily accessible and affordable materials.

That’s right! You can build a complete arsenal of self-defense weapons and skills for any scenario, without paying an arm and leg.
Here are our top 9 badass picks you can rely on when an emergency arises.

#1: Your own skills

Okay, let’s face it. Having a weapon with you makes you feel safer than walking around with nothing to use for self-defense. A weapon boosts your confidence to fight off any aggressors and attackers. But what happens when you misplace or forget to carry one?

Turn yourself into a deadly weapon!

That’s right. Having self-defense skills is probably a better idea than carrying any weapon. For starters, nobody can take them away from you, and secondly, you will be with them wherever you go. Add those to the fact there is no law prohibiting their use, and you will realize your own skills are the best self-defense tools you could have.

The golden rule is that, if it is you against him (or her), hit first, hit hard, and hit where it hurts.

That way, you will get to flee and seek help from authorities or other civilians. Remember that your objective is not to prove you can fight, but to prevent your attacker from inflicting harm on you and the people you are with. The longer the brawl lasts, the higher the chances of your attacker causing harm, so leave the scene as fast as possible.

So how can you get such skills? Well, it’s as simple as enrolling for self-defense classes. It could be karate, judo, muay thai, kickboxing, or any other self-defense knowledge. Nowadays, there are some packaged in DIY DVDs, so you teach yourself from the comfort of your home. They even include lessons on how to disarm an armed attacker and how to supplement your skills with other homemade weapons.

Speaking of homemade weapons, #2 to 9 are perfect DIY weapons you should acquire to make your arsenal effective, so read on and learn more.

#2: Fountain pens

Ordinary as it seems, a fountain pen can do some very serious harm to your attacker. The fact it is pointed and has a sturdy body makes it almost as effective as a knife.

There are many reasons a fountain pen is a handy self-defense weapon.

For one, it is easy to carry around since it fits in any pocket. It’s a normal pen, so you can go with it virtually anywhere you want, without restricted entry or drawing attention to yourself.

Second, it is easy to draw it when you need to. If you do it carefully, your attacker won’t even realize you are drawing a weapon. You can even opt to walk with it in your hand if you are in a typically insecure environment.

But be creative when using it. If you are dealing with a big person, stabbing them in the arm with a fountain pen might not be as effective as, let’s say, on the face. It is most effective when you target your attacker’s soft tissues, like the abdomen.

You can even go for the eyes if he/she is aggressive.

While most fountain pens are good for self-defense, the best ones are those with metal tips. If you have several (or if you have other pens – which you should), you can file the tip of one and use it strictly as a self-defense weapon. Or if you’re so inclined, tactical pens come ready to use, with blunted tips, and some even come with a blade.

#3: Slingshot

If you never played with a slingshot as a kid, you have no idea what you missed. The good news is you are not too late to try it, but this time, not for games but self-defense.

This deadly weapon is powerful enough to break glass windows and even dent metal surfaces; just imagine the harm it can cause to an attacker.

The good thing is it is very simple to make. All you need is a Y-shaped wood, rubber (surgical tubing can work too), 1 x 2 inch of leather, and a few strings.

Attach the rubber on each end of the wood (the ends that form the top of the Y), while ensuring you tie it tightly with the strings. Cut the rubber at its centre, so each end of the top of the Y has a loose rubber hanging from it. Now punch two holes at each end of your leather piece and use them to attach the two pieces of rubber. Make sure you tie them tightly with strings.

With that, your slingshot will be good to go. Get a projectile (like a small rock), place it in the leather, and pull the rubbers. When you release them, they will propel the projectile far and fast, depending on how much you pulled the rubbers.
A slingshot makes it on this list because of how easy it is to make and carry. Just make sure you have a few rocks with you. It is great if you’re often out and about hiking or doing other outdoor excursion. This can be especially useful in areas where you might encounter wild animals. Use your slingshot to scare them away before they get to a close, attacking distance.

#4: Pocket stick

A pocket stick is exactly what it sounds like – a stick you can carry in your pocket.

Wait. Don’t laugh. Hear me out.

Also known as a Kubotan or Yawara, you can make this super simple, yet highly effective, self-defense weapon at home and carry it wherever you go.

To make it, you will need a wooden rod, a para cord, a drill, a knife, a saw, and a lighter.

Cut the rod to match the size of your hand in such a way there is at least two inches protruding on either end when you grip it.

Now, drill two holes at the middle of the rod, but make sure they are two inches apart.

Let the paracord pass through the holes, so it forms a loop on one side of the rod. The loop is where you will insert your middle finger, so make it the right size.

If you are not sure whether you can get the paracord’s loop right, you can grip the rod, loop the paracord around your middle finger, pull both ends until it fits well, and then cut the ends off with a knife.

Now use the lighter to burn the cut ends, so they form lumps that will prevent the paracord from passing through the holes.

Ta-da – your pocket stick is ready!

If you want to make it even more deadly, you can sharpen both ends. This weapon is a great self-defense tool, because it is good for both men and women, it is very portable, and it is lethal when used correctly.

#5: Cardboard axe

Yet another self-defense weapon that doesn’t come ready-made but one you can make yourself easily. Spend a few minutes or hours making this, with objects you are likely to find lying around the house. It will pay off.

It is a very effective weapon, especially if an intruder enters your house.

If you want to make a masterpiece, you can start by drawing your design before making it. But don’t go for a complicated tool. For instinctive self-defense, a simple piece of equipment is always better than complicated ones.

The materials you will need are strong cardboard, a rod, craft glue, ribbon, paint, and a flat corner bracket.

1. Using your design, cut out the pieces from your cardboard.

To make your work easier, consider tracing before cutting.

2. Once you have your pieces, glue the corner bracket between the cardboard (blade) and the rod (handle) to reinforce your weapon.

Do any finishing you think is necessary. You can consider using a box cutter to level the edges of your blade.

Now, tie the duct tape around your axe and then paint it.

Coat the handle with a ribbon to make your weapon look real and easy to handle.

Now, you can sleep soundly, knowing you have a cardboard axe within an arm’s reach when you need it. You can’t walk around with it, but it makes for a perfect weapon to store in the house, car, or camping tent.

#6: Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are very common, so common that, if you stop some random women in the streets and check their purses, chances are more than half of them will have at least one can of pepper spray with them. That is not to say they are weapons for women only. Anyone can take advantage of this small can of kickass.

They’re easy to get, easy to conceal, not expensive, and cause real pain.

If you think these little lifesavers can only be bought from stores, think again. You can totally make your DIY pepper spray at home.

What you’ll need

A boiling pot with a lid, a pan, water, one pound of ground chili pepper seeds, 16 ounces of alcohol, and 100 ml of baby oil. For health and safety purposes, wear a facemask that will protect you from inhaling the deadly fumes before you start the preparation process.


1. Put the alcohol and ground chili in a pan, cover it, and heat it for about 30 minutes.
2. Strain the mixture, transfer it into a smaller pot, and then add 4 cups of water.
3. Heat the mixture again, this time, until it forms a thick liquid.
4. Remove it from the fire, let it cool, and then add the baby oil.
5. There you have it – your finished paper spray mixture.
Now, pour it into a storage container from where you will fill your squirt gun as often as you need to.

The good thing about using pepper spray is you can carry it anywhere, whether you are a man, woman, or child. If you are attacked, you can spray the attacker right in the face. Watch as the chili hot mixture do it’s job incapacitating him/her. The few seconds or minutes that your attacker will be disoriented will be enough for you to make an escape and seek help. While you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt (you at least), to hit your attacker a couple times before you make your escape. That way you can make sure they stay down.

#7: Hairspray

Hairspray, really?

Yes, really!

It’s not just a beauty product; it’s a very effective self-defense weapon too. You just have to get creative how you use it. Did you know that one of the easiest ways to make a fire is lighting up some hairspray with a lighter? It’s super flammable.

Think about it.

If you are under attack while out camping, or near a fire already, just spray the hairspray towards the flames to scare them off as they come closer. If you’re not by an open sourced fire, you can quickly make your own. Grab a stick, broom handle, stiring stick, pot, or whatever you have nearly. Put a shirt or kitchen towel around it, even a pillow case, and saturate it with hairspray. Light it up and you have just made yourself a deadly flamethrower that can scar an attacker’s face for a long time. Just remember to be very careful when using it.

For starters, it is not ideal in certain situations; therefore, you need to be wary of your immediate environment to ensure there are no flammable containers or materials. For instance, it might not be wise to throw flames at a gas station. Second, make sure your hairspray canister doesn’t get too close to the flame, because it might explode in your hand, causing you injuries.

Overall, it is a good self-defense weapon, particularly because it is easy to carry, not illegal, and is very effective in blinding an attacker. Remember to carry a lighter.

#8: Walking stick

Also known as a cane, we usually forget that these are basically weapons that people lean on. Remember when you were a kid and play fought, using a cane as a sword, that is until some grown up told you to stop?

Maybe we should have stopped when we were younger, but if you’re every in a dire situations, you can you can transform a walking stick into a very serious cane for beating up an attacker. The best part-they are not even considered weapons, meaning you can just walk around with yours wherever you want.

Walking sticks are not subject to security checks, like other weapons such as guns, making them an ideal option to have on you at all times. Reach for it in no time, if you’re every attacked, it’s already by your side. Unlike many other weapons, which require a greater response time, you’ll be striking your attacker before they even know what’s happening.

Take a little time to think about what material to choose. Walking sticks are available in various materials ranging from wood, to metal and alloys. A metallic cane will cause more harm than a wooden one, but if you’re also using it for support, it is most important to find one that you’re comfortable with.

For the best results, consider one with a knob at the end. That should be able to do some serious damage when you use that end to strike your attacker. If you aim for the head, he/she might pass out instantly.

#9: Modified sock weapon

Alright you’ve gotten this far, don’t quit on me here.
When we talk about using your sock as a weapon, we are now entering the zone where your creativity is part of your self-defense strategy. No I don’t expect you to go around hitting people with an empty sock thinking it’s going to take them down.

But a stuffed sock, now we’re talking.

You can do some real damage there. Most people who use this weapon keep their socks with loose change. Cold hard metal. That’s going to hurt. But I say why limit yourself to coins, there are plenty of things you can use.

If you don’t already have a filled sock lying around, you can make one in a jiff. Take a sock, longer is better, and put something hard in it. Other favorites are padlocks, pool balls, apples, hell you can even put a wrench in it. Just think heavy and hard.

If you’re thinking about use this weapon while you’re out and around town, instead of just at home, make sure is not too big. It should fit in your pocket or purse comfortably, so when you face an attacker, you simply pull it out, swing it, and hit him/her with it as hard as you can in the ribs or head.

A longer sock will deliver a bigger blow, because it will gain more momentum than a shorter one when you swing. Besides that, it will allow you to hit the attacker from a fairly far (and safe) distance.

Ready, set, swing.

In Summary…

Often, your first line of defense is the weapon you have with you when faced with a security-threatening situation. It is almost certain the authorities won’t be there to help you; they will come minutes (or even hours) later. So, ultimately, it is up to you to use creativity and the few resources you have to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

Don’t get stuck in a bad situation, with just a little effort, you can make your favorites from the 9 badass weapons above.

Guns are not the solution for everyone, or for everything. That’s fine, they don’t have to be. These options are not against the law, and don’t require a waiting time to access. They’re normal items that most people ignore in their daily routine. But when danger comes, you can turn your everyday objects into deadly self-defense weapons in a flash.

The best advice is to have more than one of these ready to go at any one time. Different scenarios call for different weapons and the trick is to know which one to carry. It would be awkward to walk into a government or public building with a cardboard axe, but pepper spray would be fine. Using hairspray might not be a good idea when camping, because you might burn down your tent, but a slingshot makes for a perfect camping weapon. Make sure whatever weapon you have with you can help in anticipated scenarios. Carry more than one if you can.

Add these to your arsenal of other devices and equipment. Defend yourself and make that attacker regret the day they decided to mess with you.

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