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Idiot Proofing your Preparation

How many “Idiots” are in your survival group?

For now, Americans have the right to own guns. This is a major topic for any prepper. And when #SHTF there is no doubt that owning guns lends some peace of mind for personal safety and protection.

If you are organizing a community preparedness group that involves firearms, you will want to consider adding in a fire arms education and safety program.

How does your group stack up?  Do you have anyone like this in your group?

Imagine having these guys on either side or behind you if #SHTF.  Still have peace of mind?

According to CDC WISQARS 2012 data (data pulled December 2014) the number of unintentional fatalities involving guns was 548 out of 127,000 (roughly).  These numbers have actually been decreasing through the use of firearms safety and educations programs.  That being said, any accidental shooting can be mostly avoided with proper training.

Remember, being prepared isn't just about having the proper tools, its knowing how to use them, and how to act in emergency situations.

Written by Rick Sunderland

Action defines a person. You are labelled by these actions. Those who witness these actions label you. Those who are around to see most of your actions have a better definition of you as a person. You are the only one around to witness all of your actions. So how do you define yourself? What if you do nothing, how then would you be labelled? With this in mind, I guess you could say that I am many things to many people. I am a Boy Scout, Father, Husband, Soldier, Clerk, Survivalist, Entrepreneur, Dork, Dweeb, and many others, but what I like most is being a writer. I love to create things that people enjoy. In the end, I hope I am labeled as an all around good guy.

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