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How to Charge Your Dead Phone With Your Keys – Magic?

Are you looking for a quick-fix to re-charge your dead phone? Sometimes a cell phone is your one and only way to get rescued in an emergency or survival situation.

For many people it's their one and only lifeline!

A dead cell phone obviously won't do — but how can you juice up your phone if you don't have a power source?

In this quick tutorial, we'll look at how you can recharge your phone (iPhone, Android or any phone) using these common items: a key, a 9V battery (the same most smoke detectors have), a cigarette lighter USB-plug and your regular phone USB charging cable.

fix dead phone what you need

Connect your phone to the charger

Plug the phone's USB charging cable to the cigarette lighter adapter, and connect the other end to your phone — like you normally do.

recharge phone with keys

Push the cigarette lighter plug onto the negative terminal

Push and hold the cigarette lighter plug over the positive (plus side) terminal. The plus side is the narrower “pointy” terminal, while the funnel shaped terminal is the negative pole.


Put the key onto the negative terminal of the battery

Put the key onto the negative side of the battery.


Your phone should now start to charge!

Video source: Aftonbladet (Swedish)

Written by Jeffrey Webb

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